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Senshi Con FAQ

You have Questions? We've got answers!!

General Questions

What is Senshi Con?

Senshi Con is an annual anime, gaming, and pop culture convention held in Anchorage, Alaska for fans of Japanese animation and video games. 

When Is Senshi Con?

Senshi Con 2023 will be on Friday September 8th ,  Saturday, September 9 and Sunday, September 10. September 8th is known as Preview Day & Day 0 (badge pickup and vendor load-in) you can still attend the con just a mini version with guest panels, gaming, and Table Swap.

Where is Senshi Con?

Senshi Con is returning to the Dena’ina Center in downtown Anchorage.

Other Questions

What does Senshi mean?

Senshi means warrior, ninja, or fighter!

What is an anime convention?

An anime convention is a gathering of fans who love "anime”, or Japanese animation. Attendees are not limited to this fandom. Fans of American cartoons, video games, and other 'geek culture' also attend the con.

What is there to do at Senshi Con?

You can shop in our vendor booths, attend a wide variety of panels, meet the guest(s), play video games, watch anime, and many other activities.

How much are the badges this year?

Pre-registration badge pricing is as follows:

Badge Type                                                                         Badge Pricing

Children 6 and Under                                                FREE

Kids' Pass (Children 7-12)                                           $15

Pre-Registration (Friday)                                            $15

Pre-Registration (Saturday)                                      $45

Pre-Registration (Sunday)                                         $35

Pre-Registration (General - Friday-Sunday)           $60

Pre-Registration (Fast Pass)*                                    $80

Pre-Registration VIP * LIMITED**                               $300

* (Denotes limited Badge Availability)

**Note: Pre-registration ended on August 19, 2023. **


Can I buy a badge at the convention?

Yes, you can buy badges at the convention.  Day of pricing is as follows:

Children 6 and Under                                     FREE

Kids' Pass (Children 7-12)                                $15

Preview Day (Friday):                                      $25

Saturday Pass:                                                 $55

General Pass (Friday - Sunday):                    $70

Sunday Pass:                                                    $45

Fast Pass *LIMITED*:                                         $90

VIP Pass *LIMITED*:                                           $300

Where can I buy badges?

You can purchase badges here. If Pre-registration has already passed then you will need to buy your badge at the convention. 

What is the Fast Pass?

The Fast Pass are for those that like to get in and out quick or get great seats.  Fast Pass holders will be able to enter the con 20 minutes early on all three days (2:40pm on Friday, 10:40am on both Saturday and Sunday).

The Fast Pass is for those that want to get into guest signing, panels, and other events first before general admission (1 day and 2 day passes).  The Fast Pass will allow attendees entry before general admission but after VIP. There is only a limited amount of Fast Pass badges available. Once these badges are gone, they are gone.

What is a VIP Badge?

VIP will get in an hour earlier into the convention than the regular Badge holders (1 Day, 2 Day, and Fast Pass). This means VIPs will get in at 10am on September 9th & 10th  (Saturday & Sunday). VIP attendees have early priority entrance to all events, lunch with the guests, receive a VIP gift bag, and access to the VIP lounge. VIP Badge will not change after the August 19th.

Where can I pick up badges?

If you pre-purchase your badges online you can pick up your badges at the Dena’ina Center between the hours of 4 pm – 8 pm on Friday, September 8th.  You can pick up any badge that you bought through preregistration.  You can purchase badges at the door too.  For those individuals who pre-purchased passes online but need to purchase Kids badges the day of the convention, you can purchase them in the preregistration line when you pick up your badges.

Can I buy a badge at the convention?

Yes, you can buy your badge at the convention. If certain badges are SOLD OUT then there are no more sold at the door.

What are the convention hours?

The convention hours are as follows:

Friday:  4:00pm - Midnight

Saturday:  11:00am - Midnight

Sunday:  11:am - 9:00pm


Are there ID requirements/an age limit to enter the event?

ID is not required to get into Senshi Con. There is no age limit to enter the con. There is, however, scheduled events that are only for those 18 years and older where IDs will be necessary upon entering. So, if you have an Identification Card, Driver’s license, and/or Military ID you should bring it to certain 18 and over events.  We will have events for 21 years of age and up as well.


Will there be guests at Senshi Con?


Who are the guests this year for Senshi Con?

We have Sarah Natochenny who voices Ash Kethcum from Pokemon, Kira Buckland who voices Mitsuri Kanroji in Demon Slayer and cosplayers Twin Fools and Nova. If you would like to look at what else they have done please click here.

Will there be vendors at Senshi Con?

Yes, we will have vendors at Senshi Con this year.


Will there be any gaming tournaments like Super Smash, Tekken 6, and other fighting game tournaments?

Unfortunately we will not have any of the fighting games this year at Senshi Con. We will have Trading Card Game Tournaments this year like Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh. 

What gaming will be at Senshi Con?

We'll be having free play area of certain gaming systems, DnD area, Trading Card Tournaments, and other table top.

Where can I contact the organizers with any questions?

You can contact the organizers with question on the Contact Tab or by clicking HERE

Is my registration transferable? 

Yes, registration is transferable up until the refund deadline, after that date registration cannot be transferred. Please contact admissions with the updated information: Name to whom the registration is transferred to, email, and phone number. Email admissions at


Can I update my registration information?

Yes. After the registration is purchased, attendees need to notify admissions in order to make changes to the registration. This does not include an additional ticket. To contact admissions please email


What is a badge?

The Senshi Con badge is what you will get once you bring your online registration to admissions. The Senshi Con badge gets you into the convention.


What is Day Zero?

Day Zero is the traditionally the day before the convention where you can come to the venue and pick up your badge before Day 1. This year Day Zero will happen on Friday, September 8.


What time should I get to the event?

Admissions will be open from 4-8pm on Friday, September 8. The doors will be opened at 11 AM on Saturday, Sep 9th and Sunday, Sep 10th.  It’s best to arrive to the event 2-3 hours before because there will be a line.


Will the line take as long as before?

Yes, it will.  Please expect a wait.  If someone is in need of extra attention to get in (handicapped/age), notify staff day of attendance.  We haven't done a convention since 2019 and we are getting back in the swing of things. Please be patience with our Admissions Team. 


What is the refund policy?

Refunds cannot be made during Early Bird Registration. Admissions needs to be notified before August 9th to issue refund. After said date, there will be no refunds for pre-registration or registration. There will be no refunds issued to those buying the weekend of the convention.


What can/can't I bring to the convention?

Please click on our Code of Conduct & Weapons Policy: Senshi Con Code of Conduct & Weapons Policy


Will I be signing a waiver before entry?

Registering online and purchasing a badge for the convention is agreeing to our code of conduct and weapons policy. There will be no waivers to sign for anyone.

Updated 09/08/2023

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